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Your dog is your best friend.  Even more than your best friend, he is family but sometimes his behavior frustrates or even worries you.  He drags you down the street barking at dogs, people or even squirrels.  He doesn’t listen when you talk to him. He barks and nips at your guests.

When your dog joined the family, you pictured snuggling together on the couch and long walks in the park but reality just is not matching up to your dreams. You just want your dog to be happy, calm and well behaved but you aren’t sure how to make it happen.

At Best Paw Forward Dog Training, we specialize in training your dog to fit into your lifestyle.  Whether it’s learning to settle at home, walking nicely at the park or overcoming bigger challenges like fear, shyness or even aggression, the dog trainers at Best Paw Forward are ready and able to help you.  Our training methods are gentle, humane, easy to use and work for ANY dog. We make training fun for you and your dog so that you can enjoy your relationship together!

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Socialization Group

Join our community of dog lovers for group walks and special dog training events that are led by our skilled dog trainers.

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Based in Hatboro, Pa, Best Paw Forward’s professional dog trainers help hundreds of families in Southampton Pa, Ambler Pa, Newtown Pa and areas through out Bucks County Pa and Montgomery County Pa each year.  Our puppy and dog training programs solve problems like how to stop your dog from jumping, how to house train your puppy, how to socialize your puppy, how to stop your dog from pulling on leash and how to solve aggression.

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