Best Paw Forward Dog Training

for a happy life with your best friend.

Dog Training for Any Breed. Solutions for Any Behavior.

Based in Hatboro, Pa and Serving Montgomery and Bucks County, Pa

Your dog is your best friend. Even more than that, he is family, but sometimes his behavior frustrates or even worries you.

You worry about him jumping on the kids’ friends or scratching Grandma. You’re frustrated with his excess energy and you can’t take him on walks because he pulls, barks and chases animals.

When your dog joined the family, you pictured snuggling together on the couch and long walks in the park but reality just is not matching up to your dreams. It can get better! Our all-inclusive dog training programs are the solution to your doggie woes.

Whether you want to be involved in the process with private in-home dog training or your busy work and activity schedule is better suited to our board and train programs, you’ll have a happy, calm and well behaved dog in just a few weeks.

“Highly recommended! You won’t be sorry getting your dog training here. Our two puppies have come a long way in such a short period of time. Michael and Jamie are great! Easily reachable and you can tell they just love what they do! Seriously, can’t say enough good things about our experience!”

– Jennifer M. with Faith & Raider
Willow Grove, PA

What you can expect from us:


Customized Instruction

Although our programs include the same foundation training for everyone, we also take the time to customize our instruction to your specific challenges and goals. Every person and every dog learns differently and we make it easy for everyone to succeed.

Supportive Community

Our Private Facebook Community is filled with other dog owners who have been through our programs and are wanting to help, celebrate and connect with you. The trainers check in several times a day to answer your questions, post helpful information and live training videos.

Lifetime Group Training

Twice a month we host a class or group walk in a public place for you to practice your skills around real-life distractions and other dogs and people.  We will build on what you’ve learned in private lessons or board and train.

Clear & Easy Solutions

Our training programs are so easy to follow and implement because we know what it’s like to be juggle jobs, kids, family and the dog!  We make it easy to have success no matter how busy you are.

Lifetime Support from Us

Once you’re in, you’re in!  We don’t just train you and disappear.  We stay available through phone, our group and our classes for years after your lessons have been done.  You’re never left to figure out alone.

Training Equipment Included

There’s no hidden fees here!  If there’s a particular leash, harness or collar that we want you to use for training, we will provide it with no extra charges.

One on One Attention in Your Home

Private lessons are held either in your home or in a public place.  During the one hour weekly session, we will work hands-on with your dog to show them and you how to communicate the behavior you want.  We will then hand your dog back over to you for a guided practice and practical application of the skills you are shown!  Each session includes time for questions and answers about the things that you need help with the most!

Finest Fido 
Turn your puppy into the finest of dogs. Ideal for tackling 1 problem behavior or for new puppy owners looking to help their new addition grow into a great dog.

Includes 3 private lessons in your home.

Mannerly Dog
Ideal for puppies and dogs of all ages.  We build a solid foundation in dog obedience along with practical and useful manners. Covers behaviors like jumping and not listening.

Includes 5 private lessons and more. 

Exceptional Canine
Change your dog’s bratty or aggressive behavior. We dive deep into solving tough behavior problems and teach you to get your dog to listen no matter what.

Includes 8 private lessons and liftetime support.

Board and train camp for a better behaved dog.

Our veterinarian recommended board and train program allows us to really get to know (and train) your dog as if they were one of our own.  When we bring your dog into our home and live with them 24/7, we get to dive deeper into behaviors and address problems right at the core.

FB Live videos are posted throughout the training so you can follow along with us as your dog progresses through the programs.  This helps you to really be involved in the process even if you aren’t physically present.  Private lessons are included to make sure you can do what we do once the dog is back home with you.

Wonder Dog
Jump start your dog’s training with our 2 week board and train.  Ideal for obedience training and solving nuisance behaviors like jumping, begging and not listening. 

Ultimate Success
Overcome years of bad habits or aggressive behavior with our truly immersive 3 week board and train.  We’ll build a solid foundation of communication and new rules.  Also great for young puppies to build a truly great start!

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