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We’re so happy with the love and care that Michael and Jamie (and Michael) gave to our two boxers. We were looking for training in a home environment and Best Paw Forward fit the bill. When Sugar Ray and Jab came home after their in-house training, Michael spent time with us teaching us the best way to get our babies to understand and correctly respond to our needs. I could see he had such an affection for the boxers and they absolutely loved him. Thanks, Michael, Jamie and Michael. We’re looking forward to further classes!

Sarah & Jim

Glenside, PA

My wife and I have been using Best Paw Forward’s services since July of 2015, when we realized our 8 month old puppy Bodie was having issues with fear based aggression when encountering strangers and visitors to our house. Michael and Jamie were able to quickly gain Bodie’s trust and we went to work on his stranger aggression using positive techniques. We initially took 4 in home lessons. Michael and Jamie ended up coming 2 extra times for no additional charge when his issue was more difficult than initially expected. We also used them a few months later for a board and train session when we went out of town for 2 weeks. He came back a lot more responsive to us and that enabled us to further work on his issues. Working with Michael and Jamie’s methods have both trained Bodie to have more confidence and has also educated us on how to best work with our dog so that he can not be so fearful outside of the house as well as being more under control inside the house. One of the things we appreciate the most is that after the lessons and the training, they continue to provide support via email and phone, as well as having occasional dog walks in local parks with past & current clients (and anybody else who wants to join). This has been critical in helping Bodie overcome his issues as well as making him a great dog to live with. I would recommend Best Paw Forward to anybody who has issues training their dog as well as anybody who just wants a better behaved doggie.

Rob & Michelle with Bodie

Glenside, Pa

I have used Best Paw Forward now for 5 sessions now. I was shocked to see how fast and seemingly painless it was for the trainers at this organization to not only teach my Lab manners and respect, but to also train myself on how to keep the motions fluid and ongoing to continue the learning process for my pup.  These trainers opened my eyes to how easy the training process is with the correct direction, patience, and instruction.  What stood out the most was they not only walked me through what I should be doing, but WHY I should be doing it. I originally assumed that I was just dealing with an excited Lab puppy and was just going to have to wait 2 years until I saw any bit of obedience from her.  Best Paw Forward proved me wrong and then some.  They not only helped me now when I needed it, but most importantly, they gave me the tools to continue the training for years to come. I received the contact of Best Paw Forward direct from my Vet since I trust them more than anyone with my dog.  I can honestly say it was the best choice for Rigby (our furry family member), Fiance, and myself.  I would highly recommend this orginazation for their fantastic and personal training services. — Ryan & Allison

Ryan & Allison with Rigby

Feasterville, Pa

We had a wonderful experience with Best Paw Forward and would highly recommend Jamie and Michael! We adopted our 1 year old dog Ted over the summer from a local animal shelter. Despite his sweet personality, he had trouble containing his energy and listening when distracted by other sights and sounds. Ted’s foster family encouraged us to get him into training after we adopted him since he showed a great deal of potential to learn. Although we were initially a little unsure of what to expect from behavioral training, we were pleased with Best Paw Forward from the minute Jamie and Michael came to our house for Ted’s first session. We could immediately see how passionate they are about their work and we saw noticeable progress in Ted’s listening and responsiveness to commands before the first session ended. As Michael continued to come to our home to work with Ted, we were amazed at how quickly Ted would respond to commands. We appreciated how Michael explained his teaching methods to us along the way and really helped us to understand the best ways to work with Ted. The training sessions were enjoyable for both us and our dog—the fun and rewarding dynamic that Michael created made it seem like more of a playdate. It was clear that Ted enjoyed working with Michael as much as we did as evidenced by his happy greetings whenever Michael came through the door. Thanks to Best Paw Forward, we have been able to enjoy our relationship with our dog even more than before. We can’t thank Jamie and Michael enough, and we know Ted highly recommends them too! -CJ and Stef

CJ & Stef with Ted

Hatboro, Pa

Meet Coach….. Coach was bred by us, (I have been breeding for 20 years, and never experienced anything like this) and was very well socialized at around 6 months of age, he started to show fear to strangers he had never met before. His fear became to the point where he would not even go up to anyone, or bark at them and hide behind us. Around the same time we contacted a trainer and after 6 weeks of training we really saw no improvement with him, and it was very frustrating, we were really going backwards instead of the right direction.  Coach was to be a show dog, and follow in his mother and father’s foot steps to become a champion and a sire. I met an AKC judge and asked her if she knew of any behaviorist for dogs, and she BEST PAW FORWARD recommended Best Paw Forward. We reached out to BPF and met with Jamie and Michael. We decided to let Coach go and spend a week with them for training. When you send your dog with someone you really do not know, it is very upsetting, because you really never know what the trainers will do with them (if anything), After many phone calls and reports to Jamie and Michael, they informed us he was doing much better. They returned him after the week and (really we weren’t sure what he would be like) Coach was naturally happy to see us, but seemed to LOVE Jamie and Michael!!!! Through some additional hard work on our part, we decided to take him to his first dog show to see how he would react. Coach went up to everyone, they allowed him to pet him, no barking or hiding behind us!!! My hand and heart goes out to Jamie and Michael for helping Coach over come his fears. While we continue to work with Jamie and Michael with refining small things, we are EXTREMELY HAPPY with the progress he has made and the training that Michael and Jamie have given us/him. Needless to say whenever Coach sees Jamie and Michael he is very excited and happy to see them, and loves them. I would highly recommend BPF.

Sue A. with Coach

Ewing, NJ

My name is Kate. My boyfriend and I have a 2 year old German Shepherd mix named Shep. We adopted Shep from the SPCA about a year ago. Then, he was about 43lbs and you could see his ribs. He was so scared of people that we barely got him in the car. My boyfriend was very skeptical of adopting him but something inside me just couldn’t resist his tortured soul. Within the first few weeks we noticed that Shep would growl very loudly at anyone other than my boyfriend and myself. He was scared of everything, including his own shadow. However, when he was with just us he was the biggest cuddle bear you could meet. Right away I knew we would have some work ahead of us and so I began the search. I had no idea that when I contacted Jamie and Michael, owners of Best Paw Forward, that they would not only change Shep’s life but mine as we’ll. Before we started Best Paw Forward training Shep would growl at strangers, hide under tables and chairs, couldn’t walk on a leash, and cry and bark for hours when one of us was at work. Since working with Best Paw Forward, Shep walks very well on leash and loves going for walks in the park. He holds his head up when he walks and is no longer lacking confidence. He still struggles with anxiety when we are gone but he has come leaps and bounds since we started training. Jamie and Michael showed us how to teach “wanted” behavior for our dog. They taught us how to build trust between us and Shep. They taught us how to communicate with Shep through training and rewards. Our biggest worry when we got Shep is that he would bite someone out of fear. However, now that thought never crosses my mind. I am still mindful that he is a dog but I have trained him with other dogs around and children. He now knows how to cope with strangers and strange situations so he is not forced to hide or act out. As far as the trainers are concerned.. WE LOVE THEM! Michael and Jamie have gone above and beyond to help us with Shep. Not only are they flexible about group classes but they make personal house calls built around your schedule. Michael and Jamie are truly the ultimate training duo. I could not have asked for more devoted people. You can tell just by speaking with them that they love dogs animals and they love what they do. There are no words to explain just how much Best Paw Forward gave me and my little family. They not only gave me the tools I need to help Shep but they gave him a chance. That loving cuddle bear that I saw from day one was able to break through his armor and shine. I look forward to continuing our training and helping Shep grow into the best version of himself.

Kate & Pat with Shep

Hatboro, Pa

I can’t say enough about Best Paw Forward! My family adopted a lab mix from a rescue. Panther was very good natured, but a very, very rough and exuberant player. My four daughters (all under 10) could not have friends over because of Panther’s jumping and rough play. We reached out to Michael and Jamie for help. They boarded and trained Panther in their home for two weeks, during which they kept us up to date with her progress through phone calls, texts, photos and videos through Facebook. Her quick progress was AMAZING! She came back to us a different dog.  She was still full of personality, but was eager to get instructions and to please.  They gave us detailed instructions on how to reinforce what they taught her.  We followed the instructions and the improvement continues to this day.  As part of the service, they came to our house for an in home lesson a few weeks after they had boarded/trained her.  This was very valuable, as they not only reinforced how to continue the behaviors they started in our home environment, but we also learned how to devise ways to train for other desired behaviors. It is obvious that Michael and Jamie love dogs.  They feel that a trained dog is a happy dog, and they are passionate about their business.  It was obvious that they really cared about Panther – it showed in the way they handled her with love and respect and their enthusiasm with her progress.  I would highly recommend Best Paw Forward without qualification!

Jeff A with Panther

Coatesville, PA