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Board and Train for Dogs & Puppies

Every day we get phone calls and emails from frustrated dog owners who have tried everything to fix their dog’s unwanted behaviors.  They’ve gone to dog training classes, looked up dog training videos online, asked for advice on Facebook but nothing has worked long term. They are exhausted and still dealing with their dog jumping on friends, pulling on the leash or worse yet, not letting their friends in the house!

After years of working closely with owners, we noticed that demanding work schedules, kids’ activities and life, in general, created challenges when trying to fit in dog training sessions too.  Often owners were struggling with unwanted behaviors from their dog and just weren’t making progress and needed things fixed, fast.

To meet this need, we created our board and train programs.  You get to enjoy a couple of weeks destressing from your dog’s behavior and your dog gets a fully personalized training camp.

Board and Train Program Options

Ultimate Success Program

Imagine having company over and not worrying that your dog will annoy them. Imagine playing outside with your dog and not worrying about him taking off.  In this program, your dog will learn to listen to you, the first time.  She’ll return home with manners that impress and she’ll be able to listen to you no matter what is going on around her.  Dealing with dog or people aggression?  Our Ultimate Success Program gives you all that you need to change the behavior and have lifetime success. This is the only program that you’ll need for the life of your dog.

3 Weeks of Boarding and Training

4 Private Lessons – at home & in public

Unlimited Customized Obedience Commands

Addresses Unwanted Behaviors

Lifetime Trainer Support

Bonuses: Freedom Harness & Leash

Unlimited Follow-up Private Lessons

Lifetime Access to Client Only Group Training Classes

Wonder Dog Program

Imagine having a dog that even your neighbors and friends brag about!  This personalized program will address unwanted behaviors and create reliable dog obedience at home and in public. Your dog will greet people kindly, walk nicely on leash and add joy to your life!

In this boot camp program, your dog will learn to listen to essential commands like sit, down, stay and come as well as the most wanted behavior concepts like not stealing food, listening around distractions, dropping items and going to their bed.  This program is also perfect for modifying behaviors like excessive barking at dogs or people. All commands and behaviors are completely customizable to your specific needs.

2 Weeks of Boarding and Training

3 Private Lessons – at home & in public

6 Customized Obedience Commands

Addresses Unwanted Behaviors

2 Years of Trainer Support

Bonuses: Freedom Harness & Leash

2 Years Access to Client Only Group Training Class

Access to our Client Only Facebook Group

Enrollment in our board and train programs is limited so that your dog or puppy receives the best dog training possible.   Your dog will stay in our home, with real life distractions (we do have a 3 year old after all!), and is treated like they are part of our family.  Each day, your dog will be learning manners that matter to you.  

We welcome dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages into our board and train programs. Every day, we teach young dogs to be stellar listeners with excellent obedience and a joy out in public.  And we love helping all dogs to overcome fear, anxiety, and aggression so their families don’t have to worry.

What’s the best way to get more information on our board and train programs?

Easy, simply fill out our Contact Form or use this link to Schedule an In-Home Consultation where you’ll get to meet us in person, tell us all about your dog and we can share all the details of our board and train programs with you.

Tell us how we can help you.