We're so happy to have you here!

Thank you for choosing to work with us! Below is all the information you need to get started. If you have any questions along the way, Email us or Call us at 267.733.6645.


Our Day School Programs require a 10% Non-Refundable deposit to schedule your start date.  The remaining balance is due on or before your program start date.  You can pay the deposit securely online via the link below.  


You'll also need to fill out the Enrollment Form and Contract via the link to the right.

BPF Day School Enrollment and Contract


Day School is done best 3 days per week, although the days can be flexible, we prefer MWF.  Drop off time is between 8am - 9am daily. Please use the scheduler below to schedule the days that your dog will be joining us for  Day Training.  We require that you schedule all of your dates in advance.  Failure to attend on a scheduled date will result in forfeit of that training day.


Please schedule a Private Lesson for the last week that your dog will be attending day school.   We will spend about an hour going over everything they have learned.

You should also take this time to schedule your first follow-up Private Lesson for 7-10 days after your first lesson.  This is a crucial part of the program and making sure that training is successful.  Our appointments typically book 2-3 weeks in advance so don't wait to get on the calendar.


If you’d like to see pictures of your dogs or follow what we’re up to, please like our Facebook Page

To access our Private Facebook Group, just follow the link and request to join. This is where we will notify you of upcoming training classes that are included in your program.


Email (info@bestpawforwardinc.com) or calling the main number (267-733-6645) is the best way to get in touch with both Jamie and Michael.  Office hours are generally 9am-6pm daily.

Especially for dogs that are boarding with us, we know you want to check in with your dog.  We are happy to provide updates and pictures either via email or text.  Our personal cell phone numbers are below.  Although we work out of our home, we do sometimes do non-work related things (we do have a 3 year old!) so please keep texting to reasonable hours (no later than 9pm please!).  We will return all communication within 24 hours.

Michael  267-255-3536                   Jamie   267-342-4321