Welcome to Best Paw Forward Dog Training

Best Paw Forward is based in Hatboro, PA and was started by husband and wife team, Michael and Jamie Badial out of their shared passion for helping dogs overcome difficult behaviors to be outstanding family pets.

Having spent the first half of their careers working closely with community rescues and shelters to foster and train their more difficult dogs, they’ve seen and overcome just about every unwanted dog behavior there is!

Using that experience, they’ve built training programs that get right to the heart of your doggie troubles and make it easy to see lasting improvement in your dog’s behavior.

Michael Badial, CPDT-KA

Co-Owner and Certified Dog Trainer

While growing up in Northern California, I was always surrounded by dogs!  In fact, I remember getting my first ever ticket from a cop as a young teenager for having my dog walk down the street with me off leash.  

In my early 20s, I was a meter reader and traveled from yard to yard collecting information. I was met daily with dogs protecting their property and even sometimes facing attacks from these dogs.  I quickly began learning how to change the dogs’ behavior and even made friends with them so that I could do my job.  This is where my passion for being a dog trainer and helping owners to change their dog’s behavior began.

After moving to PA, I adopted a Mastiff mix that was aggressive towards men.  I worked with several mentor dog trainers to change this dog’s behavior and learned many different dog training methods along the way.  In 2008, I took on my first client and started my first dog training company. 

With a particular interest in altering unwanted behavior, I became an expert at decoding dog behavior for owners and helping them to understand how to change and create new behaviors.

Jamie Badial, CPDT-KA

Co-Owner and Certified Dog Trainer

I have been a dog lover since before I can remember (some say it is in my genetics – thanks, Dad!).  At family parties, you could often find me outside playing with dogs or even sleeping with them in their crates. I remember trying to walk my Aunt’s 2 Irish Setters by myself as young as age 5 and getting tangled up in their leashes as they ran circles around me.

In 2008, I brought home a rambunctious German Shepherd puppy named Raven who guided me on my journey to becoming a dog trainer.  I took as many training classes as I could and soon started fostering with a local German Shepherd rescue.  

Each of my fosters came with more challenging behaviors and I enjoyed working with them to be adoptable.  This led me on my journey to help as many dogs and owners as I could have a better understanding of each other.  After years of working with various rescues and fostering dozens of dogs, I joined Michael in teaching owners how to work together with their dog to have a happy and stress free life together. 

Why Choose Us?

Because we do this for you! Above all else, we love working with people and seeing their joy when they have a well-behaved dog as a companion.  Our dog training focuses on making sure your dog isn’t the only one learning but that the training makes sense to you.

We’ve used our many years of professional dog training experience to create all-inclusive training programs to fit the needs of every client.  

At Best Paw Forward Dog Training, we specialize in training your dog to fit into your lifestyle. 

Whether it’s learning to behave at home, walking nicely on the leash or overcoming bigger challenges like fear, shyness or even aggression, the dog trainers at Best Paw Forward are ready and able to help you.  

Our training methods are easy to use and work for ANY dog. We make dog training fun for everyone so that you can enjoy your time together!

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