We started with a new client start yesterday and they did their homework! We asked them to rank their dog’s motivators on a scale of 1 to 10 so we could make the most of their first lesson and they had their list ready. Great job!

dog-training-motivatorsWhen we know what our dogs like, love, dislike and hate we are better equipped to reward (or reinforce) good or great behavior.

If your dog does something you don’t like and withhold something they love or deliver something they only kind of like, you lower the chances of that behavior being displayed again.

Dogs do know the difference between a dry old biscuit and a chunk of filet.

When you reward your dog consistently with 5’s and 6’s, then you all of the sudden give a 10. Your dog will pay attention to that behavior they were given the 10 for and start offering it more often.

Say you were working sit and your dog flys into position and the sit looks amazing. Instead of rewarding with a 5, you give a 10. Your dog will remember this and work hard to get that 10 again.

It’s not about delivering 10’s from there on out. It’s about creating a gambler who will try hard to earn that 10.

So, what motivates your dog?  Will they do anything for a piece of food?  Do they give you their undivided attention if you have their favorite toy?  Are they always wanting to be close to you?


Write down your dog’s top 5 motivators, rank them from 1- 10 (1 being least motivating and 10 being most motivating).  Let us know what your dog’s motivators are!  You can post them in the comments or share them on our Facebook Page!

Need help finding your dog’s motivator?  We have Private Training Programs that fit every family and dog’s needs.  Contact us or Schedule an In Home Consultation to find the right program for you!