Thanks for taking the time to fill out our contact form!  We're bummed that we haven't been able to connect for a phone consult but we know life is busy and between demanding jobs and kids' activities, it isn't always easy to sneak away for a chat. 

While talking with us is still the best way to tell us all about your dog and get information about how we can help you specifically, we wanted to make getting some of the details easier for you. 

At the end of the short video below, a button that says "BPF Program Info" will appear.  This will up our brochure containing key information about our programs and their prices. 

We hope to chat with you soon!

If you want to set up a phone consult, you can email our assistant at and she'll get you on our schedule as soon as possible. 

If you already know which program you want to get started with, go ahead and email us!  Our programs do book about 4-5 weeks in advance so contact us soon so you don't have to wait.  

If you missed the button to open our brochure, you can find our Program Information and Pricing Here.