Welcome to Best Paw Forward! As a family owned and operated business, we are committed to involving your family in the entire process.  Jamie and Michael make dog training fun and easy for everyone from age 2 to 72.

Michael and I met in 2011 because of our youngest German Shepherd, Holly.  Holly was scheduled to be euthanized at just 4.5 months old because of extreme fear aggression. A local veterinarian called Michael who was managing a large dog kennel (the only in the area to accept aggressive dogs) while also training dogs in his own business and running a rescue dedicated to rehabilitating aggressive dogs.  Michael agreed to take Holly into his rescue and immediately began her rehabilitation process by building trust in himself, people and other dogs.

I had been fostering for a German Shepherd rescue for several years and loved taking in the dogs that needed a little extra attention and dog training.  A mutual friend called me (Jamie) and asked if I was available to meet Holly and consider fostering her.  I loved Holly right away and immediately saw her potential so I took her home to continue the dog training and rehabilitation that Michael had started.  In 2012, we decided to officially adopt Holly and make her our own. In addition to Holly, we have 2 other German Shepherds – Raven (8), Kaiser (6) – and 2 cats (who also help with training!).

Michael Badial

Co-Owner and Training Director

While growing up in Northern California, I was always surrounded by dogs!  In fact, I remember getting my first ever ticket from a cop as a young teenager for having my dog walk down the street with me off leash.  In my early 20s, I was a meter reader and traveled from yard to yard collecting information. I was met daily with dogs protecting their property and even sometimes facing attacks from these dogs.  I quickly began learning how to change the dogs’ behavior and even made friends with them so that I could do my job.  This is where my passion for being a dog trainer and helping owners to change their dog’s behavior began.

After moving to PA, I adopted a Mastiff mix that was aggressive towards men. We worked with several mentor dog trainers to change this dog’s behavior and learned many different dog training methods along the way.  In 2008, I took on my first client and started my first dog training company.  With a particular interest in altering unwanted behavior, I became an expert at decoding dog behavior for owners and helping them to understand how to change and create new behaviors.

Jamie Badial, MBA, CPDT-KA

Co-Owner and Certified Dog Trainer

I have been a dog lover since before I can remember (some say it is in my genetics – thanks, Dad!).  At family parties, you could often find me outside playing with dogs or even sleeping with them in their crates. I remember trying to walk my Aunt’s 2 Irish Setters by myself as young as age 5 and getting tangled up in their leashes as they ran circles around me.

 In 2008, I brought home a rambunctious German Shepherd puppy named Raven who guided me on my journey to becoming a dog trainer.  Raven and I took as many training classes as we could even though I worked full time and was finishing up my MBA. We even started volunteering with a rescue for German Shepherds and jumped into fostering.

Over time, my fosters came with more challenging behaviors like dog aggression and even people aggression.  Other volunteers and the rescue’s dog trainers told me that I had a natural ability to understand the dog I was fostering and easily change their unwanted behaviors so that they were adoptable. They were impressed with the improvements I could make.

Jamie Badial Dog Trainer

Pretty soon I set out to become a professional dog trainer and began diving more into the study of how and why certain methods worked. I wanted to know the best way to improve behavior so that owners enjoyed their dogs more. I’m now a proud Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), an AKC CGC Evaluator and a C.L.A.S.S. Instructor and Evaluator. I’m also a supporting member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants).

We love our job as dog trainers because we not only get to work with a lot of great dogs but we also get to help so many wonderful people too!

 We love Board and Train Programs because we really get to know your dog. Working with them day in and day out allows us to create a great relationship with them.  We also get to see all of the behaviors that you are dealing with at home. These programs give you a great jump start to having a well-behaved dog for life!

Our Private Lessons Programs are always relaxed and fun so that dog owners enjoy dog training.  We give you as much information as possible so that you and your dog can be successful.

Are you ready to learn more?  Or better yet get started with our dog trainers to have quick and reliable results?  Contact Us today by either filling out one of our Contact Forms or calling us at 267-733-6645.  You can also Schedule an In-Home Consultation online.  We can’t wait to hear all about your dog!

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