I have used Best Paw Forward now for 5 sessions now. I was shocked to see how fast and seemingly painless it was for the trainers at this organization to not only teach my Lab manners and respect, but to also train myself on how to keep the motions fluid and ongoing to continue the learning process for my pup.  These trainers opened my eyes to how easy the training process is with the correct direction, patience, and instruction.  What stood out the most was they not only walked me through what I should be doing, but WHY I should be doing it.
I originally assumed that I was just dealing with an excited Lab puppy and was just going to have to wait 2 years until I saw any bit of obedience from her.  Best Paw Forward proved me wrong and then some.  They not only helped me now when I needed it, but most importantly, they gave me the tools to continue the training for years to come.
I received the contact of Best Paw Forward direct from my Vet since I trust them more than anyone with my dog.  I can honestly say it was the best choice for Rigby (our furry family member), Fiance, and myself.  I would highly recommend this orginazation for their fantastic and personal training services.
— Ryan & Allison