Meet Coach…..Coach was bred by us, (I have been breeding for 20 years, and never experienced anything like this) and was very well socialized at around 6 months of age, he started to show fear to strangers he had never met before.

His fear became to the point where he would not even go up to anyone, or bark at them and hide behind us. Around the same time we contacted a trainer and after 6 weeks of training we really saw no improvement with him, and it was very frustrating, we were really going backwards instead of the right direction.

Coach was to be a show dog, and follow in his mother and father’s foot steps to become a champion and a sire. I met an AKC judge and asked her if she knew of any behaviorist for dogs, and she BEST PAW FORWARD recommended Best Paw Forward. We reached out to BPF and met with Jamie and Michael. We decided to let Coach go and spend a week with them for training. When you send your dog with someone you really do not know, it is very upsetting, because you really never know what the trainers will do with them (if anything), After many phone calls and reports to Jamie and Michael, they informed us he was doing much better. They returned him after the week and (really we weren’t sure what he would be like) Coach was naturally happy to see us, but seemed to LOVE Jamie and Michael!!!! Through some additional hard work on our part, we decided to take him to his first dog show to see how he would react. Coach went up to everyone, they allowed him to pet him, no barking or hiding behind us!!!

My hand and heart goes out to Jamie and Michael for helping Coach over come his fears. While we continue to work with Jamie and Michael with refining small things, we are EXTREMELY HAPPY with the progress he has made and the training that Michael and Jamie have given us/him. Needless to say whenever Coach sees Jamie and Michael he is very excited and happy to see them, and loves them.

I would highly recommend BPF.