I can’t say enough about Best Paw Forward! My family adopted a lab mix from a rescue. Panther was very good natured, but a very, very rough and exuberant player. My four daughters (all under 10) could not have friends over because of Panther’s jumping and rough play. We reached out to Michael and Jamie for help. They boarded and trained Panther in their home for two weeks, during which they kept us up to date with her progress through phone calls, texts, photos and videos through Facebook. Her quick progress was AMAZING!

She came back to us a different dog.  She was still full of personality, but was eager to get instructions and to please.  They gave us detailed instructions on how to reinforce what they taught her.  We followed the instructions and the improvement continues to this day.  As part of the service, they came to our house for an in home lesson a few weeks after they had boarded/trained her.  This was very valuable, as they not only reinforced how to continue the behaviors they started in our home environment, but we also learned how to devise ways to train for other desired behaviors.

It is obvious that Michael and Jamie love dogs.  They feel that a trained dog is a happy dog, and they are passionate about their business.  It was obvious that they really cared about Panther – it showed in the way they handled her with love and respect and their enthusiasm with her progress.  I would highly recommend Best Paw Forward without qualification!